We are professional software developers, skilled in our trade, who know how to apply that skill to the real world.

We are not ex-tire people trying to turn our hobby into a business. We are not “fresh off the truck” technical people who produce glitzy software that is of no practical use.

2012 marked our 32nd year of writing computer software.

Our experience extends far beyond that of one industry. We have written applications for large companies such as Eastman Kodak to very small privately owned businesses.

Some of our clients include the North Carolina State Zoo, the Augusta Georgia Board of Education, Owen Steel Corp., Northgate Muffler Distributors, and Pugh Lubricants (one of the largest oil distributors in the United States).

In 2002 Freedomsoft switched its business model from that of a custom software company to marketing an existing software product to a vertical market.  After careful evaluation, we chose the tire software market in which to compete.

Our programming tools allow us to produce the products we want, not cookie-cutter applications that look and act like everything else you’ve seen. The RAD (rapid application development) tools used by almost everyone else shield the developer from the real work and in the process restrict him from going “outside the box” in looks and behavior.

Besides being flexible, our tools are technically sophisticated. Not all 32 bit windows applications are the same. Many point-of-sale applications are written in languages that are warmed over versions of old tools. They are generally “technically bankrupt” development environments that may be able to produce graphical point-and-click interfaces but that’s about all.

We believe that our experience demonstrates itself best in our product TireShop.